Devotional: The Witness of Steadfast Love

Lesallan Bostron

Ohio Christian University

THE2300 Historical Theology I (ONLSP242)

Dr. Trent Lambert

June 3, 2024

Devotional: The Witness of Steadfast Love

During a time of immense persecution, the early Christians, with unwavering courage and strength, stood firm in their faith, embodying the true meaning of bearing witness—a martyr. The Greek term for martyr, μάρτυς (mártys), not only signifies a witness, but also someone who testifies to a truth based on personal knowledge (STRONGS NUMBER G3144, 1890). This act of testimony often came at the highest cost—their lives.

In the face of martyrdom, Stephen unwaveringly declared his sight of the sky opening and Jesus at the right hand of God (Acts 7:54-58, ESV). His death served as a powerful testimony to his unwavering faith and the truth of the gospel he embraced. Similarly, in his address to the Romans, the apostle Paul spoke of Christ’s inseparable love, which prevails over all trials and tribulations (Romans 8:35-39, ESV).

Despite facing the threat of lions and imminent execution, the early martyrs did not resign themselves to their fate; they embraced it with hymns on their lips, highlighting a peace that surpasses human comprehension. Their bravery and tranquility in the face of death were a compelling testament to the truth of the gospel. They lived not in the absence of hardship, but in the very midst of it because they were certain of God’s love for them.

Today, we are not just called to be believers but modern-day witnesses, testifying to the truth of God’s work in Jesus Christ. Living well in the assurance of God’s love is the most powerful testimony we can present to the world. It is not a life free from challenges but one that radiates in the face of them. Our unwavering faith and deeds serve as a guiding light, illustrating the gospel’s transformative power.

Always remember and take solace in the fact that we are unconditionally loved by God through Christ Jesus, regardless of the circumstances. When we encounter challenges and difficulties, let us face them with the same courage as the early martyrs, confidently singing hymns of faith and trust in the One who loved us first.

In the end, it is not the absence of struggle that defines us, but the presence of love that sustains us. And it is this love that empowers us to endure and overcome, to be more than conquerors, and to impact the world as living testimonies of God’s grace and mercy.

May we all find the strength to be such witnesses, to live well because of God’s love, and to let our lives be a testament to the enduring truth of the gospel. Let us pray for the courage to be steadfast in our witness, to live out the gospel in both word and deed, and to trust in one true love of God that holds us, no matter what we face.

Blessings In Christ,



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