Written by Lesallan – April 9, 2024

The Shema: Living and Breathing Scripture

The Shema (Deuteronomy 6:4–9, KJV) is a powerful testament to the importance of God’s Word in our daily lives. Jews recited it twice daily during Jesus’ time, a practice that underscored the significance of Scripture in their everyday conversations and actions.

As we all reflect on this week’s passage, we are reminded of the need to let Scripture permeate our lives. The Shema encourages us to teach God’s commands diligently to our children, discuss them in our homes, and meditate on them throughout our day. This constant engagement with Scripture is not just a religious obligation, but a way to deepen our relationship with God and align our lives with His will.

In my own life, I have found that Scripture does indeed saturate many of my conversations. As a student of Leadership and Ministry, I often find myself discussing biblical principles and teachings with others. These conversations are not limited to formal settings or specific times of the day; they occur in various contexts, from casual chats with friends to more structured discussions in academic or ministry settings. One memorable conversation, I had recently revolved around authentic leadership as portrayed in the Bible. We explored how biblical figures like Moses and David demonstrated authenticity in their leadership despite their flaws and mistakes. This conversation enriched my understanding of Scripture and provided practical insights on becoming a more effective and authentic leader.

To incorporate Scripture into my speech more intentionally, I plan to start each day with a specific verse or passage in mind. This verse will serve as a theme for the day, guiding my thoughts, actions, and conversations. I also intend to share these daily verses with others, inviting them to reflect on the Scripture and discuss its relevance to our lives. This intentional focus on Scripture can profoundly impact both myself and others. It constantly reminds me of God’s presence and guidance throughout the day. It will also challenge me to live out the teachings of Scripture more concretely and tangibly. For others, hearing Scripture in everyday conversations can serve as an invitation to engage with God’s Word. It can spark curiosity, encourage reflection, and even inspire a deeper exploration of faith.

The Shema powerfully reminds us to let Scripture saturate every aspect of our lives. As we heed this exhortation, we can expect to experience a richer understanding of God’s Word, a deeper relationship with Him, and a more vibrant witness to others. May we all strive to live and breathe Scripture, just as the Shema encourages us.



Ohio Christian University

BIB2025 New Testament Interpretation (ONLSP24)

Professor Matthew Benson

April 9, 2024